What is a Photoshoot Event?

Prior to Pink Stardust, I jumped onto the photography bandwagon for a couple of years. I did enjoy it very much but I have to admit that I’m no good at it. Whilst my right brain excelled in the technical learnings of a DSLR, my left brain was trailing behind on the creative and artistic vision. Nevertheless, whilst I didn’t succeed to become a professional photographer it did reignite my desire for event and wedding planning. Especially during the time I transitioned my focus from photography into my event business, I discovered the idea of “photoshoot event”. I’ll attempt to explain:

Firstly, I need to share something personal about me which will explain the reason for my idea. I’m a dork in front of the camera. I’m completely awkward when a camera is pointed at me. I dislike the idea of spending hours walking around places, pose and take photos. Simply because, unlike others, my photos turn out awkward, very posed and I will possibly find only one or two that I consider acceptable. Lastly, I find the whole thing uncomfortable and not enjoyable at all.

So, I wanted to create events that in themselves are an experience individually tailored for each client, and in the background have a photographer document the moment. I envisioned that if a couple was doing something they enjoy, they would feel a lot more comfortable and thus the pictures would naturally be capturing perfect and genuine moments. The conversation was real, the laughter actually happened, the love was in the air and so the photos become the “pictures that tell a thousand words”. It is much more than photoshoot styling. It is planning and organising an event (big or small) to create the atmosphere and the experience that will be unforgettable. In my mind, I am already taking those photos while designing the photoshoot event.

If I’m still not making sense, here’s one I prepared earlier: Back in September, I planned, organised, styled and set up a picnic themed engagement photoshoot for Annie and Ken. For their engagement photoshoot I suggested a picnic and thankfully they loved the idea. I pitched the ideas to Annie and Ken and said: “Turn up on the day, dress up and leave the rest to me”. I had set an itinerary for their 2 hour experience, gave them a menu of what to expect in their picnic spread and explained a general idea of the styling. I had chosen a tent backdrop because these two lovebirds enjoy the outdoors and often go camping. Behind the scene I organised the picnic basket filled with goodies, chose a picturesque location and designed the event and styling. On the day, Annie and Ken came dressed in our pre picked outfits and they simply had a date and enjoyed a picnic. I remember how excited they were to see the set up, and once they started nibbling away at the picnic, sipping the Pinot Noir they were chatting to each other naturally, laughing, making jokes and the camera was clicking away with every shot capturing the moment as it happened. Yes, there were some posed shots, but given the relaxed atmosphere we were able to create, Annie and Ken shone like stars. The photos are proof and every time I look at it I recall Ken’s funny stories. One of the best part of this photoshoot was that we didn’t need to artificially drag out the time. There wasn’t too much posing required yet we had plenty of great photos and lots of fun on the way. After all was said and done, the couple enjoyed a romantic picnic together in their personal world. Annie and Ken said they loved their photos, and it does remind them of a picnic date in the park and who knows what lovey dovey stories Ken was telling Annie.
(Check out the full gallery at here, captured beautifully by CamQ Photography)

A Photoshoot Event, as per my definition, is an experience designed just for you with the main purpose of creating everlasting moments, relived by stories told through photographs.

It’s been months since Annie’s and Ken’s picnic. But I hope to be able to do more photoshoot events. Many ideas are floating around my head already: a family photoshoot in the rain, a surprise marriage proposal, a family outdoor luncheon, a couple hot air ballooning…ah…I hope to be able to design a photoshoot event soon and share it with you.